Past Events

Friendship Lunch

Friendship Lunch is the 3rd Sunday of the month. Please join us for lunch after the worship service! Fellowship with Friendly Folks while Feasting on Fabulous Food! Cost is free-will/pay-as-you-can. Let’s do lunch!

Father’s Day

Genesis 18:1-15 Is Anything Too Wonderful for God?   Don’t Forget that this is the 3rd Sunday of the Month and that means “LUNCH!” Join us in the gym following worship for Friends, Fellowship & Food. Click Here  

UCW – Aloha Afternoon

“Aloha Afternoon!” All ladies are invited to a potluck lunch to celebrate our year end with an “Aloha Afternoon” complete with flip-flops and costumes!   So bring your favourite dish, cutlery and wear your brightest Hawaiian outfit, flower leis and join in a great lunch. Lots of fun and socializing.


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