May 28: Pentecost, Confirmation & Communion – What can this mean?

Scripture Reading (First Nations Version) Acts 2:1-12

1The time for the full meaning of the ancient festival of Weeks or Pentecost had now arrived. They had all gathered together in one place, 2 when suddenly the sound of a great windstorm came from the spirit-world above and could be heard throughout the house where they were 3sitting. They saw flames of fire coming down from above, separating and resting on each of 4 their heads. The Holy Spirit had come down upon them and began to fill them with his life and power. New languages began to flow out from their mouths, languages they had never learned, given from the Holy Spirit. 5 The Sacred Village of Peace (Jerusalem) was filled with devoted members of the tribes of Wrestles with Creator (Israel), who had come for the festival from every nation under the sun. 6 A crowd began to gather when they heard the loud noise.7 In wonder and amazement the crowd began to ask, “How is it that these people from Circle of Nations (Galilee) are speaking in our many 8languages? For we all can understand them in the languages of the places we have come from! 9-11There are people here for the festival from nations and places close by and far away who are members of the tribes of Wrestles with Creator (Israel), and those from Outside Nations who have been taken into the tribes. “They come from Land of Victory (Parthia), Land in the Middle (Media), and Land of the Ancient Ones (Elam). Many come from Land Between Rivers (Mesopotamia), Land of Promise (Judea), Land of Handsome Horses (Cappadocia), Land of Black Waters (Pontus), and Land of the Rising Sun (Asia). Some come from Dry Wood (Phrygia) and Many Tribes (Pamphylia), and the territory of Land of Tears (Lybia) near the village of Strong Wall (Cyrene). There are travelers from Village of Iron (Rome), both Tribal Members and Outsiders who have become Tribal Members, along with those who come from Flesh Eater Island (Crete) and Land of Wanderers (Arabia). “We can hear them, in the languages of these nations, telling about the great and powerful 12things done by the Great Spirit!” Many were amazed and confused and began to ask each13other, “What can this mean?”


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