March 5 – Lent 2: Taking our place at the Cross – The Women

Scripture Reading (from James Taylor’s Everyday Psalms) Psalm 121

1Somewhere out there, past the highest peaks, someone watches over me. God made these peaks and these valleys, this air and this earth. Yet God is close enough to guide my feet, every step I take along life’s precipitous paths. I may grow weary, but God does not nod off; my mind may wander, but God always stays alert. God watches over me. God stays as close to me as the hat that shelters me from summer sun, as close as the jacket that shields me from the slashing rain. God watches over me. God’s hand holds me when I crawl along the edge of a cliff; it saves me from delusions of depending only on myself. God keeps me from falling off the edge, and keeps me safely on the path. God watches over me. Wherever I go, wherever I may find myself, God will go with me and watch over me, even into eternity.


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