June 30: I thank God every chance I get

Scripture Reading (from Everyday Psalms, James Taylor) Psalm 30

1 My life has turned around.
2, 3God has shown me a better way to live.
I know how it feels to be down and out;
I know doubt and depression too well.
5 But these things are like clouds passing over the sun;
their shadow pales when the light breaks through.
4Like a person freed from addiction,
like a prisoner pardoned,
I must tell my tale over and over.
6 When things went well, I took all the credit.
7When things went wrong, I fell apart.
I blamed myself for my failure.
8I blamed God for punishing me.
I asked God, “Does it make you feel good
to make me feel bad?
9Would you rather have me praise you or curse you?
Who else will people listen to-the dust or the wind?
10Give me another chance!”
11It worked!
I started feeling better.
I looked for the goodwill around me, instead of the ill;
I quit moping and started dancing.
12Now I know I owe my good fortune to God,
And I thank God every chance I get.


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