June 16 – UCC 100th Anniversary: Unplanted

Scripture Reading (The First Nations Version) John 12:20-28

“Along with the Tribal Members of Wrestles with Creator (Israel) who came to participate in the Passover festival, there were also many outsiders from other nations who would come. There were people from these nations who came to celebrate the festival from Land of Wisdom Seekers (Greece).These were people who often prided themselves in their study of wisdom and knowledge. They went up to Friend of Horses (Philip), who was from House of Fishing (Bethsaida) in Circle of Nations (Galilee). Knowing him to be one who walked with Creator Sets Free (Jesus), they said to him, “Honored friend, we would like to see Creator Sets Free (Jesus), your Wisdomkeeper.” Friend of Horses (Philip) did not know what to do, so he found Stands with Courage (Andrew) and asked him what he thought. Then together they both went to see Creator Sets Free (Jesus) and told him that the Wisdom Seekers (Greeks wished to see him.  He answered them, “It is time for the True Human Being to be lifted up to his place of honor. I speak from my heart. If a seed is un-planted, it remains only one seed, but if it dies, falls to the earth, and enters the ground, it will then grow and become many seeds. “The ones who love the kind of life this world gives will lose the life they seek, but the ones who let go of their life in this world and follow my ways will find the life of the world to come that never fades away, full of beauty and harmony.” Tell these Wisdom Seekers (Greeks) to walk the road with me. Anyone who wants to serve me will walk in my footsteps, and I will take them to the same place I am going. If they give up their lives to serve me in this way, my Father will honor them.” A look of sorrow came over the face of Creator Sets Free (Jesus). “But now I am deeply troubled and in anguish!” he said. “Should I ask my Father to rescue me from this hour that has now come? No I came into the world for this time and for this purpose.” He then lifted his face, looked up to the sky, and sent his words to the Great Spirit. “Father,” he prayed, “honor your name and show the world the beauty of it.”  Suddenly, a voice from above spoke out of the sky, “I have honored my name, for it represents who I am, and I will once again honor and show the beauty of it.”


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