Jan 14: Known

Scripture Reading (CEV) Psalm 139:1-18

You have looked deep into my heart, Lord,
and you know all about me.
You know when I am resting or when I am working,
and from heaven you discover my thoughts.

You notice everything I do and everywhere I go.
Before I even speak a word, you know what I will say,
and with your powerful arm you protect me from every side.
I can’t understand all of this!
Such wonderful knowledge is far above me.

Where could I go to escape from your Spirit
or from your sight?
If I were to climb up to the highest heavens,
    you would be there.
If I were to dig down to the world of the dead
    you would also be there.

Suppose I had wings like the dawning day
    and flew across the ocean.
10 Even then your powerful arm would guide and protect me.
11 Or suppose I said, “I’ll hide in the dark until night comes
    to cover me over.”
12 But you see in the dark because daylight and dark
    are all the same to you.

13 You are the one who put me together
inside my mother’s body,
14 and I praise you because of the wonderful way
   you created me.
Everything you do is marvelous! Of this I have no doubt.

15 Nothing about me is hidden from you!
I was secretly woven together out of human sight,
16 but with your own eyes you saw my body being formed.
Even before I was born, you had written in your book
    everything about me.

17 Your thoughts are far beyond my understanding,
much more than I could ever imagine.
18 I try to count your thoughts, but they outnumber the grains
    of sand on the beach.
And when I awake, I will find you nearby.

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  1. I give thanks to all those who made this live stream service possible.
    Another wonderful service and I am grateful that I could be a part of it while in the warmth and comfort of my home.

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