Holy Saturday

While not often observed in our United Church tradition, you may want to take some deliberate time to sit in silent prayer, remembering that there are no stories of how the disciples managed the time between Jesus’ burial and when they could prepare his body.  They waited, much as we are, in fear and trepidation, unbound grief, and uncontainable distress.  

If it helps, there are profound offerings of music for this time, such as the aforementioned St. John Passion:

or St. Matthew Passion:


or Handel’s Messiah:


or one of Alison Vicary’s favourites, Rachmaninov’s All Night Vigil:

If perhaps classical is not your thing, we’ve also put up a playlist with seven songs from modern music to inspire this waiting time:

May this worship encourage your waiting.  
As we journey together, may God bless us and keep us, until Easter light dawns again,
Rev. Chris


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