Christmas Eve Family Service

Our two Christmas Eve services are a little different
– the first being the one where we tap into that
Christmas joy from our childhood and celebrate with
carols like Joy to the World and Hark the Herald
Angels Sing – a big boisterous celebration. And our
second service is a little quieter – as I imagine the
quiet descending on the night, with Mary and
Joseph and Jesus. In both services, we celebrate
Jesus’ birth.

Maybe this year is even more special – because
we’re not celebrating Christmas Eve in our
churches…and you’re thinking…WHAT?! But hear
me out. If we celebrate Christmas in our homes, it’s
like we’re opening our own homes to Jesus. It’s like
he belongs there just as much as he belongs at

church, because there’s a part of the story where
there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the Inn –
but we always have room – in our homes and in our
hearts – for Jesus to be born. And so, I want you to
think about during tonight’s service – if a knock
came at your door – would you make room for
As you think about that – we’re going to listen to our
prelude – that’s the music that starts our service –
tonight brought to you by the Muppets.

Please follow the rest of the service in the bulletin.


  1. Merry Christmas
    So many wonderful video clips. Loved the music REJOICE REJOICE and the Piano Guys.

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