Sermons from April 2015

Anniversary Sunday – Let us build a house

The sermon time this morning is different today. Although I will be speaking, this is also a time for you as a congregation to process what it means to be celebrating another year of being a congregation – it is a time to look back at where you have been – but looking back not for nostalgia sake, but to see the foundation from which you grew. For being the church is not about what we were – it is about who we are now and where we are going[…]

Holy Humour Sunday

Jesus was walking through heaven one day, a little bored, when he passes the Pearly Gates and sees St. Peter talking with an elderly gentleman and decides to go over and hear the man’s tale.
“Where are you from, old man?” Jesus asks.
“Well, I lived my life on the shores of the Mediterranean,” the old man replies. […]

Easter Sunrise

Well here we are it Easter morning– here at this early hour to begin our celebration – a funny way to celebrate – to gather outside in our winter coats and boots around a fire to sing songs, pray prayers, and listen to Heather speak and welcome this dawning of Easter morn – 2015 […]