Welcome to our online worship service! This morning we will celebrate communion. You are invited to gather whatever you have available for your communion elements. For the ‘bread’: a bun, crackers (yes, Goldfish crackers are perfectly ok!), bread, etc. For the wine: juice, milk, water, wine, ice tea, etc.

Lent 1 – Why Christian?

Why Christian Why anything (when religion is blamed for this world’s problems)? For many of us, we rarely consider why we believe.  We’ve spent countless hours mulling over what we believe, we’ve rationalized how we’re going to live out our faith life, some of us needing church weekly, others connecting just a few times a…

World Communion

Worldwide Communion began just over 80 years ago as a reminder to all Christians the faith that we share.  On Oct 2, we shared communion in the church but we realize that many couldn’t join us in service, so we posted the communion liturgy here for you to listen and share in this act of…