Sermons on Acts

Anniversary Sunday

Dreams and Visions of New Life  In the fall, and again this February, some of us met after church to talk about St. James’-Rosemount.  We reflected on what God had given us – the resources and blessings for which we are thankful, the people who are the church in this moment in time, and the…

Mother’s Day

Sometimes it is easy to love, the baby that is first placed in our arms, that has been planned for and has grown within us for nine months and waited with wonder and anticipation to arrive. But what if they cry all the time and require constant care, or do not turn out the way we had hoped they would or make choices as they get older that we abhor. Is it easy to love then?[…]

Anniversary Sunday – Let us build a house

The sermon time this morning is different today. Although I will be speaking, this is also a time for you as a congregation to process what it means to be celebrating another year of being a congregation – it is a time to look back at where you have been – but looking back not for nostalgia sake, but to see the foundation from which you grew. For being the church is not about what we were – it is about who we are now and where we are going[…]