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Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Donations of nonperishable food items are collected year round, with focused food drives held at various times throughout the year. Donations are delivered regularly to the local food bank. For more information on the Food Bank of Waterloo Region click here.

Caring Bins

An easy way for everyone to reach out to those in need is to contribute to one or more of our Caring Bins. We collect the following items:

  • Used eye glasses & eye glass cases go to a local Optometrist where they are sorted, cleaned & used when eye care missions travel to Central America & the Caribbean.
  • Pop can tabs are sent to the Elora Legion.
  • Used Greeting Cards
  • Empty ink cartridges from copiers go to the G.R.C.A. for recycling
  • Cancelled postage stamps for Leprosy
    Did you know that saving used stamps can help fight leprosy* world wide? Each year, approximately $10,000 is raised for The Leprosy Mission with the help of Canadian churches like St. James’-Rosemount. With fewer stamps being used on a regular basis, Christmas is the best time to obtain used stamps from parcels & cards – but certainly not the only time! Canada and world wide commemorative stamps are the most desirable. We do suggest that if you are using stamps, use commemorative ones where ever possible. Many post offices now primarily use meters but customers can insist on stamps. When saving stamps, a half inch cut around used stamps is ideal for the project. Post cards, especially old (1920 & prior) are also very useful, with or without stamps.
  • Canadian Food for Children go to the depot on Guelph St., Kitchener where they are packaged and sent to Toronto, then overseas to countries in need.
    • CFC short list of needs:
      Adult, Children and Baby Clothes
      Bedding & Towels
      School Supplies:  Paper, binders, pens, pencils, crayons, pencil crayons, notebooks, sharpeners, rulers, scissors, elastics, chalk, paperclips, pencil cases, knapsacks, sports equipment
      Sewing Supplies:  Fabric, knitting & sewing supplies: scissors, thread, needles, etc.

Christian Salvage Mission

Our Book Nook (library)’s outreach program allows our congregation to find a new home for previously enjoyed Bibles and religious materials, and at the same time, supports the CSM (Christian Salvage Mission) in fulfilling its mission. A drop box for your donations is in our library year round. Thank you for sharing!
Find out more about the Christian Salvage Mission.


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