Organist and Choir Director

Music has been part of my life since I was very young. My mother was an organist, I listened to my grandfather sing solos at church and attended concerts and rehearsals of the community choir to which my parents belonged. I started piano lessons at age 7 but didn’t start playing organ or singing in the church choir until high school. At university I obtained a degree in Music Education with organ as my performance instrument and then taught music and conducted school choirs and bands in the Guelph area for 31 years. I have also been involved in community music making. I’ve been musical director of several musicals with Royal City Musical Productions and Guelph Little Theatre, sung in church choirs and have been a member of the Guelph Chamber Choir for over 20 years. Since retirement I have enjoyed getting back into playing the organ regularly, a luxury I didn’t have much time for when working full time.