SJR Family Walkabout

“Geo Time Trail for the Layperson

  • How does a sun dial work?
  • When was the dinosaur period on Planet Earth?
  • What happened to them?
  • How old is the rock under the trail?
  • What’s a kettle lake?

With simple words we have short stops at the 18 signs along this 4.5 km loop trail in NW Waterloo.  Terrain is varied with some ups and downs but if you can walk 4.5 km in 1.5 hr. you are welcome to join Janice and Evelyn. Questions–ask Janice. Youth to seniors invited who are able walkers–just show up.

Start Location: 582 Sundew (the extension of Columbia St. W. before 2 pm. Parking:  on Black Cherry St.
Click <Get Directions> button for map

Learn more about this Geo-Time Trail HERE.



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