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Uppity Women of the Bible

Song of Songs

Did you know there are 133 women named in the Old Testament and 33 women named in the New Testament?  We’re going to take a look at some of them beginning with that little book Song of Songs that comes right after Ecclesiastes. Be prepared to laugh, to blush and to grow in your faith.

Explore the mysterious, beautiful and alluring Song of Songs, at times referred to as Song of Solomon. Dr. Wolfe poses some of the central questions surrounding Song of Songs.  Who wrote it? What sort of poeple are the main characters? Is it based in history, mythology or both?  As you enter into the world of the lovers Ra’yati and Dodi, you will have plenty of opportunities to laugh and even blush…..there are six sessions.

  1. Her and Him
  2. What about Solomon?
  3. A Misunderstood Book
  4. Don’t Hurry Love
  5. Your Eyes are Doves
  6. What’s it All About?


This is a sample of one of the other studies in this series – Ruth

Uppity Women Of The Bible — Dr. Lisa Wolfe


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