UCW- Maintain Your Brain

Join us for a fun and entertaining evening learning about the latest scientific discoveries about how best to maintain cognitive health throughout a lifetime.

Both an audio-visual presentation and a hands-on workshop, Maintain Your Brain as you Age is packed full of fascinating information about how your brain works and how to keep it tuned up and running its best for the rest of your life.

Your presenter, Jill Simpson, works with the Alzheimer Society and MS Society, and is the developer and director of both the Body, Mind, and Movement Brain Fitness Program, as well as Dancing with disAbility. She will share with you a wealth of knowledge and experience about making simple everyday differences in your lifestyle that positively influence your brain’s wellbeing.

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Website:  http://bodymindandmovementprogram.com/

Woolwich Observer:   https://observerxtra.com/2015/12/10/research-shows-dancing-can-make-for-healthier-brains/

Waterloo Region Record:  https://www.therecord.com/living-story/6989813-kitchener-program-uses-music-to-unlock-muscles-that-wouldn-t-move/


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