Stewardship Meeting #2

This past November, 35 people gathered to discuss stewardship here at St. James’-Rosemount.
Stewardship practices we think we do well include sharing meals, supporting groups (e.g. the Kenya project and TCOW), children’s ministry, music ministry…and being friendly. Things we think we can do better include communicating with one another, engaging people who are new to our congregation, and connecting with the surrounding community.

You can find the notes about the discussion from the first meeting HERE.
Nov 6 Meeting Notes

Where do we go next?

Please join us to discuss how we can build on these ideas to improve our approach to stewardship.

We will have a potluck lunch so please sign up on the list outside the kitchen.

Or sign up here and now! Click the “Register” button.

See you on the 26th!!


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