Spring WalkAbout

3 generations at HURON NATURAL AREA, .
Families and those with assistive devices are welcome–short paved path down to the pond and longer walkabout with others. Meet us at the trail head
Janice & Evelyn.

Most of us don’t equate the word ‘city’ with forest, streams, trails and meadows – that is, until we discover Huron Natural Area, Kitchener’s largest and most valuable natural space.

Located on Trillium Drive in the south end of our city, Huron Natural Area offers something for everyone – from hikers and joggers, to photographers, bird watchers, and those who simply enjoy basking in nature’s serenity. Here, you’ll find:

  • Strasburg Creek, one of our only coldwater streams
  • Provincially significant wetlands, forest, meadows and significant species
  • Scenic hiking trails, boardwalks and lookout areas
  • Children’s natural playscape
  • An amazing natural and cultural history

This is a link to the Trail Map.

This is a link to Directions


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