SJR Reads – Tara Road

Tara Road by Maeve Binchy
– available at KPL

Use the door off Kensington (near the Narthex/parlour. This year we are reading some of our members’ all time favourite books. All are welcome. A friendly group and interesting discussion are waiting for you![…]


[…] Against all odds, two newlyweds manage to buy the house of their dreams. In 1982, property speculation is beginning to be a big thing in Dublin -and their street is very much in an up-and-coming part of town. Danny Lynch from the broken-down cottage in the back of beyond and Ria Johnson from the corner house in the big, shabby estate were living like gentry in a big Tara Road mansion. But for its various inhabitants, the street is to become a boulevard of dreams – some broken, others created anew. There are multiple story lines that focus on Ria; her best friend, Rosemary Ryan, a beautiful, endlessly selfish career woman; Gertie, the battered wife of a drunkard; and several other intriguing women, each of whom has secrets not to be shared. There is even an all-knowing fortune teller who early on hints that Ria will travel and start a successful business–two things she knows are definitely not in the offing.
Yet after our supposedly happy housewife and mother of two is confronted by some inexorable home truths, a chance phone call from America will change her life, forcing her to discard her illusions about men, women, and marriage and start all over again. At the same time, the Connecticut caller, Marilyn Vine, has her own lessons to learn when she and Ria swap houses for the summer. Yet there’s nothing remotely preachy about this novel – even the bad guys and beautiful mistresses get to maintain some appeal. Instead, this is a stirring look at the reality behind our consuming fantasies, and a page-turner to boot.


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