Orange Bus Tour

Inside the Culture

Join us on An Orange Bus Ramble – “Inside the Culture” together with SJRUC, Trinity, Christ the King, and Olivet for a bus tour of Mennonite country with Del Gingrich (The Meeting Place) as our guide.

Learn the attitudes, values and practices of the Old Order while enjoying these highlights:

  • a hot dinner at noon in a horse & buggy home,
  • Q & A with husband & wife,
  • rambling through Wallenstein General Store,
  • Hawksville,
  • Jigs Hollow Rd.,
  • West Montrose,
  • “the new St. Jacobs Market” and
  • St. Jacobs.

Buy tickets from Janice B. on May 17th and 24th. (or contact the church office for contact information)

  • Adults­ $ 38,
  • Teens­ $30.



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