SJR’s Easter Egg Hunt Starts Here.

We are thrilled that the Easter Bunny has been granted ‘essential service’ status! Everyone of all ages is welcome and encouraged to participate in our online Easter Egg Hunt. Youth age 12 & under will receive a prize for participating. A draw will be made for prizes for additional participants. The hunt will be online beginning Saturday, April 11 and will be available until midnight on Tuesday, April 14.

Get ready to have some fun hunting with family and online friends, while maintaining social distancing!

Questions? Contact [email protected]


Thanks for trying our On-Line Easter Egg Hunt.  All you have to do is search through our Website and click on each egg you find.  Once you find all 12 eggs you can submit your name and contact information to be entered in a draw for 1 of our fun prizes.

Have Fun! Here is your first egg. Click on it and go find the other 11.

Clue – “Easter” and “Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood”. Don’t forget to look in past events.

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  1. Vonne and I were excited to look and we found all 12 eggs. The Easter bunny was very sneaky !!

    Brenda Michi and Vonne

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