Lessons & Carols Service

Join us we tell the story of Christmas through scriptures and song.

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  1. What a memorable service of Lessons and Carols this morning with our choir bolstered with six occasional voices! I particularly liked the new Christmas music that Alison chose for the choir that coupled with the traditional music sung by a full-house SJR family. This is my favorite service of the whole year, followed by the Hanging of the Greens and the magical decorating of the Christmas tree with the prayer bells. How much we appreciate the contributions of Lucy and Simone with their natural solo voices and the growing confidence that Roland brings to us. We continue to benefit so much from the skills these three music students bring to add depth to our choir. And then there was Rev. Chris who turned his writing skills to waxing poetic this morning………….! We won’t forget services like this soon. My heart was full as I left the service this morning. My thanks to each and every one.


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