F.U.N. – Family Unplugged Night

You’re invited to SJR’s F.U.N.

Family Unplugged Night.

This is our first F.U.N. event.
If the 6 pm start sounds too early for you – Not to worry.
We are going to feed you first and then we are going to have fun at F.U.N.

  • Bring your Family
  • Bring yourself
  • Bring your kids & grand kids.
  • Bring your Friend or neighbour.

Everyone can be part of this F.U.N.
Come and learn, play and enjoy an old fashioned board game.
We like to play Crokinole, Chinese Checkers, Cribbage, Crazy Eights, Yahtzee Dominoes   If you have a favourite simple game best played with 4 or more people, bring it with you.

Come and join SJR’s F.U.N.

Cost:  The fun is free; pay as you can for supper.

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