Chasing Vines faith study

Chasing Vines Group Experience
Finding Your Way to An Immensely Fruitful Life

Join us in January as we start the new year with bestselling author Beth
Moore and a six-session journey to discover the true meaning of a fruitful,
God-pleasing, meaning-filled life.

We will explore the ways God delights in watching things grow-and how the
vineyard holds the secret to how we can have a more abundant and
meaningful life. As she traces the metaphor through Scripture, Beth
uncovers how every part of our own lives-even the rockiest, most difficult
soil-is used by God to make a difference for His Kingdom.

Please contact Rev. Chris or sign up on the website to be included on the
zoom meeting Wednesday nights from 7pm to 9pm beginning January 12,

Sign up here to be included in this faith study.


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