Executive and Unified Board update

Executive and Unified Board – The Executive and the Unified Board have been meeting regularly over the past few months in spite of the lockdown.  At this time we are looking for new Board members to replace those who have served their terms. 

There is a need, especially during this time of COVID-19, for a strong Unified Board to continue the work of the church,   and we need many hands to accomplish this goal.  Please prayerfully consider how YOU can help to keep our church vital and relevant. If you think you could serve on a committee or as a committee chair, please contact our Board Chair: [email protected], any member of the Board, or Rev. Chris: [email protected].

We would be very happy to have you!  And, as a bonus, you would get to keep in touch with others in our church family at the same time!  Thanks for considering how you can help.


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