March 22 Worship Service now on YouTube

You will find the service at the same place you usually find the sermon.
Click the < Sermon > button on the left of the menu bar above and then choose today’s service.

From there you can click on…
-“Watch” to watch the whole service,
-“Read” to Read the sermon,
-“Listen” to listen to the Sermon,
-“PDF will download the bulletin.

If you click on the title (or the image) it will auto load the whole service starting with a video that’s titled ‘Greeting and Announcements’ (Youtube).  You’re welcome to listen/watch to as much as you want, and if you want to advance to the next hymn/prayer/video just click the ‘play next button’ triangle with the line:  (looks like this ▶)
From there, if you click “Show Audio Player” just the sermon will load.  If you click “Save PDF,” a copy of this week’s bulletin will download for you. 


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