March 15 Worship Service is now on YouTube.

Today’s service is now on YouTube. We realize this isn’t ideal, but hopefully it allows everyone a chance to “gather” in a way that keeps everyone safe. 

You will find the service at the same place you usually find the sermon.
Click the < Sermon > button on the left of the menu bar above and then choose today’s service.

From there you can click on…
-“Watch” to watch the whole service,
-“Read” to Read the sermon,
-“Listen” to listen to the Sermon,
-“PDF will download the bulletin.

If you click on the title (or the image) it will auto load the whole service starting with a video that’s titled ‘Greeting and Announcements’ (Youtube).  You’re welcome to listen/watch to as much as you want, and if you want to advance to the next hymn/prayer/video just click the ‘play next button’ triangle with the line:  (looks like this ▶)
From there, if you click “Show Audio Player” just the sermon will load.  If you click “Save PDF,” a copy of this week’s bulletin will download for you. 

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this and future services. Challenging times lead to inventive solutions. This connection is very necessary and very much appreciated. Thank you so much to the team that made this happen. Joan S

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