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“Give It Up” by Dottie Escobedo-Frank.
We are not asked to give up chocolate. This Lenten study reflects on all the things that hold our attention, occupy our minds and monopolize our time, yet still isolate us from God and the world around us. Things like social media, phones, the noise of life, and focus on the external. Imagine taking on the challenge of giving up each of these for a week. During this seven-week study, Dottie Escobedo Frank takes the reader on a journey of self discovery, where he or she learns that the power of release brings great gain. The biggest gain is a stronger relationship with Christ. In the release, each person is freed to “give it up” in applause and praise for a life deeply lived in Christ.
Borrow and learn what the author asks us to give up.

Lenten books are on display for you to borrow for 3 weeks with the option to renew.


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