Lent (which begins on Ash Wednesday – March 1) is a time of re-evaluating our lives, discovering what is truly important.  During this time, we often “give up” something in order to reinvigorate our faith lives, and remind us of the sacrifices we undertake in a life of faith.

This year for Lent, try “taking on” a project rather than giving something up:

  1. Try donating one item to a food bank for each day in Lent.
  2. In your spring cleaning, give away an unused piece of clothing or household item to a charity for each day in Lent.
  3. Challenge yourself to read scripture/offer a prayer/find quiet time each and every day of Lent, offering a word of gratitude.
  4. Go for a walk every day, and find one thing in creation for which you’re thankful.

Whatever you do, may you find in your Lenten journey that you are not alone.

The theme for Lent at SJR this year is Why Christian – in the face of increasing secularism, fear and mistrust of religions, and twisting of the Gospel message, why do we affirm the power of Christ?


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