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Lent (which begins on Ash Wednesday – March 1) is a time of re-evaluating our lives, discovering what is truly important.  During this time, we often “give up” something in order to reinvigorate our faith lives, and remind us of the sacrifices we undertake in a life of faith. This year for Lent, try “taking…

New in the Book Nook

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt These crayons are a whole new group of crayons who are asking to be rescued by the author. It is a fun book suitable for children of all ages.  On Display – Borrow for 3 weeks.

New in the Book Nook

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman Couples who understand each other’s love language hold a priceless advantage in the quest for love that lasts  a lifetime – they know how to effectively and consistently make each other feel truly and deeply loved. That gift never fades away. On display – Borrow 3 weeks.  

Nov 6, 2016 Stewardship Discussion Summary

LOOKING AHEAD AND BEING MINDFUL About 34 people in attendance. Kevin Curtis presented on behalf of the Finance Committee. The idea for this meeting came out of the Finance Committee. The focus of the discussion today:  how we can consider stewardship in the context or lens of what the United Church of Canada says about…

New in the Book Nook

Bridges in Spirituality as told by Joyce Caron and Alf Dumont. These women elders remind us of the grandmothers, aunts, and many other women who have marked our lives by their wisdom. These are the ones who carry us until birth, and nurture us on the journey of life. Those who encounter the stories of…