F.U.N. @ S.J.R.

Stay tuned for F.U.N.

at SJR beginning this fall …

An evening with no cell phones,
tablets, laptops, gidgets, gadgets, or other ‘plugged
in’ devices desired

A Family style dinner will be part of the evening. Set aside the worries of work, what to make
for supper, combine that with fellowship & fun, at minimal cost.

Bring your friends or neighbours or just yourself.

We’d love to have you join the F.U.N.
Come join the F.U.N.  Everyone is welcome
Watch here for dates and details…and, just for
F.U.N. , see if you can figure out what F.U.N. stands for.

Mark these dates on our calendar…

  • Sept. 25
  • Oct. 23
  • Nov. 20

More info is now posted Here


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